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DATES: November 2 - 5, 2017
PRICE: Standard ticket $1.200
EVENT LOCATION: 100 Clinton St, Camden, NJ 08103 USA

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Event details!

Battleship is a four-day historically inspired LARP event where you join the crew of the USS New Jersey as she sets sail back into 1967. Surrounded by 275 like-minded people, you will:

  • Live, eat and sleep on-board the USS New Jersey, an Iowa class bat-tleship.
  • Wear the uniform of a sailor in 1967, and play the part as well.
  • Experience drama, excitement and conflict - not as a spectator, but as part of the action yourself.
  • Make new friends and create long-lasting bonds.
  • Have a transformational experience and gain memories for a lifetime.
  • Witness first-hand the cooperation of Imagine Nation Collective and Dziobak Larp Studios, the teams that brought you Dystopia Rising and College of Wizardry.

During Battleship, you will be sent on a journey 50 years into the past, when the USS New Jersey embarked on a trip to join the fighting in Vietnam. However, this is not a historical reenactment, but an interactive drama; we will use history as a canvas - but never a straitjacket.

We have deviated from the historical representations of gender roles (since we want non-men to be able to join the experience as well!) and racial issues (which are not the focus of the larp). We also welcome participants from all walks of life and orientations, and have no wish to recreate conditions for the historically disenfranchised

Live the Adventure!

Live the Battleship adventure!

The immersive experience of living on the USS NJ during an interactive dramatization of the ship’s initial voyage to Vietnam is an event unlike any other in the world. Work with our writers to create a personalized character, and be a part of a shared story that takes you 50 years into the past . Battleship will be one part destination vacation, one part reenactment, and one part live action role playing adventure; come join us and learn what it was like living on a battleship with your fellow crewmembers.


The initial run of event tickets for Battleship are being sold through our KICKSTARTER campaign. Once the campaign is funded to allow us the rental of a full US Battleship (we cannot explain how excited saying those words make us), we will make any additional tickets available at the full standard price. For our first run, a number of discounted event tickets will be available based on how quickly you help us support our project. Early backers benefit with hundreds of dollars of savings.


The USS NJ is an actual retired US Battleship. Due to the nature of the ship there are sections of the ship that may be problematic for individuals with physical difficulties. The ship does include long corridors, narrow passageways, narrow sleeping conditions, doorways between compartments with raised steps, and a degree of physicality involved in the roleplay of day-to-day activities.

The staff of Battleship wishes to be as accommodating as possible to allow as many people as possible to participate in this amazing event however we are working within the confines of the physical location of an actual battleship. We encourage participants to take time looking at the site information provided by the USS New Jersey Museum to determine if mobility will be an issue.

The food options for the event will be provided via the cooking staff manning the functioning Mess Hall aboard the USS NJ. While we will do our best to accommodate a number of dietary restrictions, we are confined to working within reason of the available catering staff and what can be produced on site.